Custom projects

Mock ups, custom arrangements, displays

The originality and uniqueness of a project are strengths for any promotional campaign. The production of personalized presentation and promotion materials, made with a team of professionals, with a lot of experience in the execution of custom projects is the only viable solution for the success of a marketing campaign.

Every product launch event or campaign needs its own concept, an original, easy-to-remember message, and a lot of advertising. Large companies plan such events long before product launches and pay close attention to all the details involved.

Indoor advertising is one of the most effective channels to promote and gain visibility. It helps you to make yourself known to all those who look at the product and combines a number of extremely important features to generate sales, such as: easy to notice, immediate visual impact, curiosity, information, repeated exposure at no extra cost, etc.

Calling on all forms of advertising specific to this channel brings spectacular results, with numerous benefits for increasing brand and product awareness. The creation of such presentation materials, original and special, is an element of differentiation from competition, of great impact. Placing such materials in the right place brings important commercial advantages and contributes to the efficiency of the marketing budget.

To support all those who want successful launches and campaigns, The Xpress advertising agency provides you with a creative and dedicated team, varied resources and extensive experience in the field. By making special and special promotional products we can help you present yourself as well as possible to your customers. We can execute any type of indoor advertising product, stands, displays, mock-ups, custom fittings etc. We address all large or small companies that operate in very varied fields of activity and production.

All products are executed using modern technologies, materials and prints of the highest quality. We make signage panels, stickers for highlighting windows and promotions, prints on special materials, Plexiglas products, event branding, etc., all made with the utmost care for quality and creative details. Thanks to all these advantages, the projects carried out have both the image and appearance desired by the client, as well as the resistance necessary for long exposure or frequent trips. In everything we do we are guided by a number of guiding principles, the most important of which are the confidentiality and delivery of all projects on time.

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