Presentation stands

Presentation stands

Making original and outstanding presentation stands is a business card for representing a company in any important venue or event in the field. They are an attraction for all those interested in the business or the products on offer. Collaboration with specialized design, creation and execution firms presentation stands can contribute decisively to achieving better visibility and professionally reflecting the desired image identities.

Store show stands are an important part of the promotion and marketing process of the services and products for which they are intended. This is why their creation of special materials, in special colors, with impeccable details and finishes, is a defining element both for the commercial success of the company producing, selling or distributing the products on display and for the company that made it.

To have a unique image, differentiate yourself from competition and attract customers to your products or services, making custom and original presentation stands is a very important detail. Exhibition stands can be useful in many situations. They can be used as a place of work for your sales representative in a store, they can be the place of reception when you attend your own event or the support you give to another organization, they can serve as a place of display of products in a store or as a window, or they can decorate a showroom. 

The utilities of the presentation stands are multiple and, due to their originality and novelty, it is worth exploring all their functionalities. Among the best known variants we mention: the straight pup up stand, the pop up curve stand, the pop up desk stand, the promoter desk stand. To be as attractive, practical, easy to mount, disassemble, handle and transport, they are made of lightweight and flexible materials and are decorated with very high-resolution prints.

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To best meet the needs and demands of our customers, our advertising agency provides personalized and complete design, concept and execution services to presentation stands. The ideas and sketches of the beneficiaries are very important to help us carry out special projects and better identify the materials and equipment that will be used for their implementation. For the success of your presence in shops, events and fairs, all you have to do is contact the Xpressteam. Our enthusiasm and skill will be put to work to make your plans a reality.

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