Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns - product launch

Organizing social-media campaigns is a way to promote your highly effective brand. Thanks to them you can get constant traffic and you can keep your customers up to date with the values, concerns and products on offer. Identifying the most appropriate environments where you can meet with your target audience and have constant communication is a big challenge for everyone who is aware of the growth potential they can bring.

To succeed in this endeavor you will need a specialist who knows how to make image, text and video content as diverse as possible, able to intelligently influence the interest in the products and services presented. The more creative and inspired this person will be in generating engagement from the target audience, the better the results will be seen in increasing traffic and conversion rates.

Content designed for social-media campaigns must follow a number of specific features, such as: be as original as possible, be viral, have more of an informative form, without being aggressively oriented towards sales, have a message that is easy to receive and as suitable for the audience it is targeting.

To enjoy social media campaigns or professional product launch, the safest way is to entrust the initiative of a specialized advertising agency, as we are at Xpress. In keeping with your preferences, we can develop a well-thought-out marketing strategy from the beginning of the process. Thanks to the experience of running hundreds of such campaigns, we have the skill to make the highest quality content, test it and permanently adjust it to increase your traffic and gain notoriety. Depending on your goal, your chosen campaigns and channels can be very different.

Running social-media campaigns brings immediate advantages that can be seen in conversion rate and sales. They are a current and very effective way to communicate with the public in their interest at all times, keep them up to date with everything new, and to keep them constantly informed about all promotions and campaigns in progress. 

To identify the most suitable social media channels, where the most appropriate audience is, it's a good idea to test the most important ones and choose the ones that bring you the best results. Depending on products, services, or campaigns, conversion can vary widely. 

Calling on the services of an advertiser to help you organize social media campaigns as well as possible and to provide you with the tools and data necessary for cost-effectiveness is a very advantageous solution.

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