Printed products

Printed products (offset and digital)

Printed products are an excellent means of communicating with customers. The visual impact obtained by a print with great graphics and impeccable execution is strong, and the information presented persists much better in the memory of those who receive and consult them. 

Even though they belong to the classic category of marketing tools, there is a target audience and many areas where this format is highly appreciated and useful for strengthening the relationship with customers and collaborators.

Despite the growing interest in online advertising, printed products will continue to be an indispensable component of the means of promotion and all companies eager for performance must combine and exploit effectively the advantages offered by any of these marketing elements. 

Printed products can be extremely useful in communicating to an audience of the most diverse categories and interests. They can be used to inform, contextually, to submit an offer, promotion or discount or to send more complex messages. 

The pattern has an activating effect on an emotional level and can influence and convince an audience of a well-targeted consumer category much better. The pattern is concrete, credible and can better reach customers who still have a strong affinity for printed communication. 

Printed products can still be used successfully in combination with other more modern means of promotion. Together with them can intensify the impact of advertising communication. The prince provides an intense and lasting way of reception, is a very good support for strengthening a brand and produces long-term effects.

Depending on the interests and circulations you want, a company may use any of the offset or digital forms to promote itself. Digital printing is done with laser printers, while offset printing involves the printing process by which the image is transferred to the chosen media using the printing plates. Digital offers advantages to small circulations and works with many variables, while offset circulation is the winner for orders with a larger number of products. 

Today's digital presses are high-performance and offer a very good value for money, but they are not yet able to compete with the workload of a classic printer. The technologies currently available guarantee exceptional benefits and quality of the prince for whatever method you choose. 

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