Large and small print format

Advertising production

When it comes to small or large print advertising production, image quality and graphics play an important role in product success. The technology currently available in equipment, software, support and printing types allows the production of products of impressive quality at lower and lower costs. But to get the desired result you also need an advertising agency with specialists in this field.

The skill of a graphic designer is very important to guarantee the final product. The way in which products are designed and the technical characteristics that small or large digital prints need require a lot of attention and painstaking ness from a person with special training.

For the production of printed materials of impeccable quality, all the preliminary stages of actual printing must be carefully completed. The most important, according to the graphics, are the installation and preparation of files for printing. A DTP specialist is needed to check photos or materials, observe compatibility, alignment, font size, color, layout, image touches, etc.

Desktop Publishing, commonly used in the abbreviation DTP, involves creating printable or printable materials in digital format. Only if the DTP is performed correctly, high-quality prints can be made. The specialized technology and software used today allow digital print workshops to juggle much more easily the quantity of products that can be obtained. Depending on the demands and costs involved, a wide range of printed materials can be made much more easily, i.e. menus and flyers, books, magazines and newspapers, textiles, banners, stickers, etc.

All documents used are digitised and can be modified to best match the size, type of print and materials chosen for printing. Due to the possibilities offered by the available programmes, all the dimensions of the products produced can be adjusted, without causing the quality of the resulting final material. This can make posters, panels, brochures and other advertising products of standard size "A4", "letter", "A3", "SRA3", etc., as well as custom sizes. 

Because we are talking about elements of advertising production that must meet certain features to be printed, the digital format of images and texts differs from that required to make other types of graphic material and it takes experience and preparation to make them look their best.

So to make advertising products in large and small print format you can trust Xpress agency. Here you will find both the professionals and equipment needed to enjoy high-quality prints at the most advantageous cost and the experience needed to choose the most cost-effective solutions.

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