Large-format prints


Large print advertising production is very useful for anyone who wants to benefit from standard, but also custom products of high quality. For the success of exposure, in the case of this type of printing, an important role lies in the graphics made, the resolution of the print and the strength of the solutions and materials used.

The technology currently available allows exceptional products to be produced with degrees of clarity and precision that are difficult to achieve a short time ago. Whether we are talking about prints for banners, street signs or signage panels, display stickers or display stands, prints on special materials, etc., the equipment used and the experience of the staff responsible for carrying out the project are defining elements for the success of the project

The printing process for large format printing is the same as in the case of digital printing, except that larger printers are used. The printer is powered by the material on which it will be printed, on which to apply the ink directly. The printing phase is fast. The CMYK system (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key color Black) is used, which guarantees very good results and a high-quality final product.

To best meet the demands and demands of our customers, we are always up to date with the latest trends in the field and work closely with all our partners and suppliers to have and use the latest technologies and equipment.

As we are talking about projects from which customers expect quality and strength, we always give due attention to all the details involved, namely: chromatic accuracy, high resolution, suitable support, the best image framing that needs to be printed on size materials that eliminate as much as possible waste, production costs as cost-effective.

Because we want to achieve outstanding projects and exceptional products we will always pay due attention to good communication with customers and the choice of the most cost-effective printing solutions. 

If you are looking for a reliable partner that guarantees you the best quality for large prints, we at the Xpress advertising agency are the right choice. Whether you need banners, striorions, mesh, canvas, rigid support, manifests, flags, posters, exhibitors, PVC adhesives and other specific products, we find everything necessary for the completion of a project.

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We are concerned with both the quality of the prince and the rest of the details involved in obtaining impeccable products. Based on images provided by customers or with images that can be designed by our team, we can make prints in large standard or custom format. The preferences and requirements of our customers, coupled with our reputation, oblige us to ensure superior quality to all projects entrusted.

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